Six Goan Dishes That You Should Try Right Away

Goan cuisine is a mixed bag of local spices and everything nice. A hearty Goan meal is all about fresh ingredients, traditional masalas, and lots of love. Here are six dishes that you must try.


Recheado Potatoes -

Recheado Potatoes is a delectable dish that’s not just easy to cook but also an instant hit in a crowd. Small-sized potatoes tossed in Goan Recheado paste and garnished with coriander make for a perfectly tangy and spicy bite.

Goan Prawn Chilly Fry - 

The Goan Prawn Chilli Fry unearths the richness of de-veined, fresh prawns. Tossed in the special Goan masala and served with the Bhavnagri chilly juliennes as a garnish, the perfect blend of all the ingredients elevates the flavours and adds a kick of spice to the dish.

Ros Omelette - A Goan authentic eggy street food snack.

Breakfast, brunch, or snack, this crowd-favourite is more than just an Omelette. Ros Omelette is served with a spicy gravy poured over the fluffy Omelette. Pair it with a cup of piping hot tea and freshly-baked buns; you will thank us.

Goan Mutton Chilly Fry -

The image of soft, juicy boneless mutton pieces tossed in fresh vegetables and secret Goan spices will win the heart of any meat lover. This fiery semi-dry dish works well as a starter and snack.

Bread Pudding -

Colour your day with a bowlful of rich, caramelised bread pudding. The pudding is a preparation of bread beaten in a mixture of milk, sugar and eggs, then drizzled with some love, caramel and almond flakes that add a perfect crunch to the bite.

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