September 2022

Food - The Fevicol To Our Brand

At Bawa Gone Goan, food is more than what we serve you. It is our founders' companion, a medium that connects them to the people, a glue that keeps their brand and passion intact. Read more...


August 2022

Unraveling The Uniqueness That Is - Bawa Gone Goan

Before we jump into answering what we are, try imagining the things that you think are impossible--- Rebirth of Iron Man, your favorite show “Friends” coming back with 10 new seasons, a Modern Family spin-off. Now that you have started imagining these things and are hoping for them to be true, we have one such thing that was impossible and is true- Bawa Gone Goan, a conglomeration that serves Parsi & Goan cuisines on a single plate.


July 2022

Six Goan Dishes That You Should Try Right Away

Goan cuisine is a mixed bag of local spices and everything nice. A hearty Goan meal is all about fresh ingredients, traditional masalas, and lots of love. Here are six dishes that you must try.