September 2022

Food - The Fevicol To Our Brand

At Bawa Gone Goan, food is more than what we serve you. It is our founders' companion, a medium that connects them to the people, a glue that keeps their brand and passion intact. Read more...


September 2022

A Punch We Love To Munch On - The Goan Cuisine

When you miss the beach, when life hits you with boredom, one last hurrah before you tie the knot? The answer to it all is the paradise of South Asia- Goa! But if you’re craving the food? The answer is Bawa Gone Goan because whatever happens in Goa can happen in Mumbai too. Get the Goa wali feel from Bawa Gone Goan today.


August 2022

Unraveling The Uniqueness That Is - Bawa Gone Goan

Before we jump into answering what we are, try imagining the things that you think are impossible--- Rebirth of Iron Man, your favorite show “Friends” coming back with 10 new seasons, a Modern Family spin-off. Now that you have started imagining these things and are hoping for them to be true, we have one such thing that was impossible and is true- Bawa Gone Goan, a conglomeration that serves Parsi & Goan cuisines on a single plate.


July 2022

Six Goan Dishes That You Should Try Right Away

Goan cuisine is a mixed bag of local spices and everything nice. A hearty Goan meal is all about fresh ingredients, traditional masalas, and lots of love. Here are six dishes that you must try.


June 2022

Six Common Ingredients in Goan and Parsi Cuisine That You Did Not Know About

Curious to know how Bawa Gone Goan combines two cuisines on one plate? Some ingredients are common in Parsi and Goan cuisines that make their life easier.


June 2022

Hosting a Party? Here’s a Parsi and Goan Alternate to the Conventional Chicken Curry and Dal

Ever tried Parsi and Goan dishes. Here are some unconventional food options for you to order when hosting a party.